先进农机 Agricultural Machinery



Jianglong Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, has been committed to cooperating with famous international agricultural machinery manufacturers to research, develop, produce and sell high-quality agricultural machinery products. With advanced international production equipment and high-end manufacturing technology, it provides OEM production for many famous brand agricultural machinery manufacturers all over the world. The main products include: tractors, agricultural machinery equipment, agricultural machinery parts, etc., which are sold well in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

农业服务 Agricultural Services


  • 提供现代化农机耕作业务;
  • 提供优质种子、肥料业务;
  • 提供现代化农业植保业务;
  • 提供农业技术指导业务;
  • 提供现代化农业收割业务;
  • 提供农产品销售业务;
  • 提供农产品的深加工业务;
  • 打造现代化农业观光旅游示范区。


Integration of mechanized farming, harvesting, marketing and deep processing of crops

Provide modern agricultural machinery farming business;

Provide high quality seed and fertilizer business;

Provide modern agricultural plant protection business;

Provide agricultural technology guidance business;

Provide modern agricultural harvesting business;

Provide agricultural products sales business;

Provide deep processing business of agricultural products;

To build a modern agricultural tourism demonstration area.

重型机械 Heavy Mchinery





XCMG group was formally established in 1989, mainly engaged in hoisting machinery, mining machinery, mining machinery, road and bridge construction machinery and other mechanical products. After 31 years of innovation and reform, XCMG has become a large enterprise group with large scale, complete product series, unique competitiveness and influence in China's construction machinery industry.

At present, XCMG ranks fourth in the world's construction machinery industry, fourth in China's top 100 machinery industry and 427 in the world's top 500 brands. It is a reliable engineering equipment solution service provider in the world.

Guangdong Jianglong group is the partner of XCMG group. It acts as an agent to distribute the whole series of XCMG brand products, and cooperate with XCMG for win-win cooperation!

医疗用品 Medical supplies


Fumiaokang company is a high-end medical product enterprise mainly engaged in masks, protective clothing, gloves, infrared thermometers, respirators, reagents, etc. Our products are mainly exported to European and American markets. The company takes "technology innovation, quality focus, safety and health" as the core value, and takes user demand as the center. It hopes to provide users with higher quality products through professional level and unremitting efforts.

汽车零配件 Auto Parts


公司致力于发展国内外汽车配件市场、农机配件市场;为多家汽车制造商、农机生产商做配套服务; 主营产品有滤清器、汽缸垫、水泵、水箱、皮带、皮带轮、球头、拉杆、橡胶类、离合器、轴承、减震器、刹车片、刹车盘、启动机、发电机、电子扇、汽油泵、油水等;主营车型有奔驰、宝马、奥迪、沃尔沃、大众、福特、通用、标致、雷诺、欧宝、丰田、本田、日产、现代、起亚等

The company is committed to the development of domestic and foreign auto parts market, agricultural machinery parts market; for a number of automobile manufacturers, agricultural machinery manufacturers to do supporting services; The main products include filter, cylinder gasket, water pump, water tank, belt, pulley, ball joint, pull rod, rubber, clutch, bearing, shock absorber, brake pad, brake disc, starter, generator, electronic fan, gasoline pump, oil and water, etc.; main models include Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Peugeot, Renault, Opel, Toyota and Honda , Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, etc.